At R2Tech Systems, we offer secure, complete and functional solutions to proper financial management of companies we service, through state of the art technology and a deep knowledge of market rules acquired over more than 20 years of excellence delivering customer satisfaction. Our multi markets and multi-currency products, allow total control of the financial activities on receivables management (banking and debit/credit reconciliation, invoicing and accounting integration), streamlining productivity and offering trustworthy detailed information.

We are a Financial Technological company that through constant technological innovation can also supply creative ideas on handling new forms of payments by integrating our Virtual Cards expertise along with our proven Gateway technologies providing multiple solution possibilities for standard selling channels all the way to eCommerces.

Our platforms are built based on our Full fledged PCI Compliant and secure datacenters, where we follow strict worldwide standards of security, among them PCI-DSS 3.1 (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards).

To be always at the cutting edge of technology, serving, developing and providing technological solutions in order to offer constant improvement to our customer´s business, thru financial processes automation and optimization of their internal controls. Through constant technological innovation and preparation of our colaborators.

Increase productivity and diversify market segments, offering innovative solutions and guaranteeing professional satisfaction to our team and customers.

Ethics, transparency, competence, honesty, team work, respect, focus on people.

R2Tech offers solutions that can help you

- Complete, automated and safe integration to any ERP, Gateway or PDV systems
- Multi-currency systems: processing over 130 different currencies
- Management graphics and reports
- 100% web and cloud based operation (SaaS / PaaS)
- Complete data integrity and monitoring
- Secure PCI DSS 3.1 Compliant on all areas.
APOLLO - Automatic Reconciliation and Accounting of Credit Receivables
Travel Solutions
Financial Solutions
Banking Solutions

Rua Major Sertório, 128 – 8º floor
Vila Buarque – São Paulo / SP
Zip Code: 01222-000
Telephone: +55 11 3125 5230 / + 55 11 3042 2858
Email: contato@r2tec.com

Work with us: rh@r2tec.com

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